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Spock's Angels

A mutant, a Vulcan and a slayer walk into a bar.
The mutant tries to read the bar owner's mind, but fails to do so.
The Vulcan shakes his head when he learns about the bar owner's ethics.
The slayer takes one look at the bar owner and remarks: "Look: Snake vomit!"

Quark shook his head. Why were people always insulting him? He opened his mouth in order to protest this strange hew-mon girl when he noticed something very peculiar about this young lady. There seemed to be an aura of power around her and her eyes glowed with an eerie light. The other woman seemed as if she was on fire. The Vulcan, who seemed normal, seemed to awaken out of some day dream and looked at the women as if he hadn't noticed them before.
Spock again shook his head and asked to no one in particular: "Who brought me here?" A third woman tapped his shoulder and where the young girl had a strange red glow in her eyes, this one had a golden light. Behind her was a fourth woman, with a silver light in her eyes. Spock recognized her. He whispered softly: "Elizabeth Dehner... Captain Kirk reported you dead yesterday."
Dehner smiled and said: "And I was Mister Spock. But unlike Gary I did not remain dead. I and my companions have brought you here to this station and into the future to show you something."
Spock raised an eyebrow. "Why here and what have you to show me?"
Dehner pointed towards a window where to Spock's surprise a wormhole opened. She explained: "Just to show you that we are capable of it. That our powers can not be measured." After letting out a slight sigh she explained further: "And we need your help Mister Spock. That Vulcan discipline of yours. Your ability to reconcile your Human and Vulcan halves." Spock pursed his lips: "And after that? Will I be returned to my time and place?" Dehner nodded. "Yes Mister Spock." Folding her hands she continued: "We are all ... enhanced beings. So we will simultaneously lock on to your mind."

To Spock's surprise the four beautiful women merged with his mind with such force his knees buckled. His eyes widened. Now he knew them intimately!
First there was Elizabeth Dehner, who was really just learning to adjust to her current state.
The young woman was Buffy Anne Summers, a mystical mix of human and .... Demon? Plus the girl was enhanced by the incredible powers of the Slayer line and her three best friends. Buffy had just seconds ago defeated a being called Adam and had found herself unwilling to let go of the power she had.
The third one was Rose Tyler, a woman fused through the TARDIS with the Time Vortex.
Lastly there was Jean Elaine Grey, a mutant human telepath and telekinetic. She had become so powerful in her gifts she had become a cosmic entity called the Phoenix. In her reality she had absorbed, consumed her entire universe!
Spock shivered when he realized that this Jean hadn't stopped there. She also had taken in herself the universes of her companions. He understood. This Elizabeth Dehner was obviously not from his own realm. And these ladies wanted his advice?
Spock allowed himself a half smile and said: "Enhanced beings, I would suggest, as captain Kirk might say, GET A LIFE!"

Startled the ladies complied. Spock was returned to his own time and space as promised and the women returned to their own universes. Dehner brought Gary Mitchell back to life, who in turn created some trouble for his old friend Kirk when he met the members of SG1. Mitchell created a Metaverse in which he and Elizabeth had a child. This changed his outlook on life and he decided to become friendly again towards Jim Kirk.
The other women took mates as well. Buffy Summers took Xander Harris, the Heart of her Scooby Gang, to be her lover, Jean Grey took Scott Summers and Rose Tyler took The Doctor.

Many years later their descendant Amanda Parker was born. A Goddess! More powerful, more wise, more beautiful, more sexy. She was All New and All Different. Not to mention All Powerful.
At the same time she was very human and very much in love with a regular man. A man who became the man of her dreams. She seduced him, made him her lover, and together they had a son named James Isaac Parker.

Just seconds after the four ladies and the Vulcan had vanished from Deep Space Nine, the magnificent Amanda Parker appeared before Quark.
Quark shook his head and poured a drink which he set in front of the lovely human female that had suddenly appeared in place of the five humanoids that had been standing there.
"What just happened?" he asked curiously.
Amanda smiled and said: "My ancestors got quite busy Quark. I'm a result of their love. And I'm not alone. I have a couple of 'cousins' who also are as powerful as I am. One of them, Zeppo Dunsel, is about to merge a collective of 4,095 Multi-Multiverses with me as a focal point. Multi-Multiverses created by a descendant of mine named Victoria Vance. Multi-Multiverses where my ancestors themselves came from.
What you see now is not my actual presence. In reality I'm on board a vessel called the Batar and while I'm making love to the man of my dreams, my lover, realities are flowing in me."
She let out a sigh of satisfaction and the glow in her eyes increased as she consumed scores of realities. Around her vague images appeared and disappeared. A beautiful red haired woman engulfed in a bird of flames, a dashing starship captain never accepting defeat, a young blonde woman holding a stake ready to take out everything evil crossing her path, a mad Time Lord with a Blue Box. A myriad of marvelous heroes from astounding universes, a man with a golden tattoo on his forehead followed by a man saving the day with duct tape and a toothpick, a doctor constantly in pain convinced everybody lied, a man flying through space pushing planets around. The images seemed endless. As endless as her appetite for more and more universes. Fantastic universes filled with heroes of past and future, heaven and hell, good and bad, war and peace, love and hate, sex and horror!
She started to glow all over her magnificent body and Quark had to squint to be able to see what was going on. She vanished into a ball of light The Ferengi's eyes widened when he realized she hadn't paid for the drink. Oh, well, he could always pour the remains back in the bottle...

Before Quark could get to the glass Q appeared with a flash. An expression of fear on his face. He took the glass and drank its content in one great gulp. Highly depressed he looked at Quark and screamed: "She is 4,095 Multi-Multiverses! We are all now just a part of her! She is everything there is! She's higher above me than I'm above you! We are all doomed!"

"Oh, come on! Not so gloomy!" The voice of the Quadruple Goddess of Hotness embalmed their ears, through their minds. "Q, I am now part of Kegar. There won't be too much disruption. Kegar is wisely ruled by Slaytrekx, a team of Kegar components.
I, Kegar, have defeated my arch enemy Zirkon and after that I have made myself complete and have ascended to a higher plain of existence by the grace of the Crystal Goddess. Farewell good people! See you inside of me."

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