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Star Trek vs. Star Wars: Extreme I.

Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry, is a trademark of Paramount Pictures.
Star Wars, created by George Lucas, is a trademark of Lucas Film. Disclaimer:
I have absolutely NO connection with either organization other than that I admire their work. Anything you like about this story you can attribute to the inspiration in me caused by the creative people behind Star Trek and Star Wars. Anything you don't like you can attribute to my own shortcomings. But please no short jokes. I'm sensitive about that. So, like Sulu once said: "Don't call me shorty!"

The time: The year 2380 in the Star Trek universe.
Shortly before 'A New Hope' in the Star Wars universe.

The Death Star has just tested her super laser.

The energy of the explosion this time around created an unstable wormhole, designed by the Pah-Wraiths. The other end of the wormhole moved around a galaxy far far away and into the distant future.

Emperor Palpatine ordered his disciple Lord Vader to him to give him new orders.
Vader approached the Emperor with caution and respect. He knelt before the hooded figure and said with reverence: 'My Emperor, you have summoned me. Do you not wish me to proceed to capture the group of rebels that have the plans for the new battle station in their possession?" Palpatine gestured Vader he could get up and answered: "No Lord Vader. The first use of the Death Star's super laser has opened a door for us to a new galaxy. A strange galaxy, occupied with primitive little empires. Ripe for conquest. If that galaxy is added to my Empire my resources could almost be doubled! Lord Vader, I want you lead a fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers. Take all the Empire can spare. I WANT that galaxy! It belongs to me." Darth Vader bowed his head and said: "Your will be done."

Several months later.

The galaxy class Starship USS Challenger approached the station Deep Space Nine near the Bajoran wormhole. Captain Geordi La Forge beamed directly to Quark's place. A squad of Challenger security officers surrounded him.
Several others were already seated around a large table. Some of them he recognized right away, some he didn't. And some assembly it was…
Miles Edward O'Brien smirked a joyless smile and said: "Hello captain. Good to see you again. Despite the circumstances." La Forge nodded and said: "I agree chief. Would you do the honors of introducing everyone?" O'Brien swallowed and did as La Forge had suggested: "Well, I think you all know captain La Forge. I myself am Miles O'Brien. I used to be stationed here before… before…"
A sad look came over his eyes. Finally he got a grip on himself and proceeded. "Before that I was stationed on the Enterprise NCC 1701D, where captain La Forge was chief engineer." O'Brien moved on to the rest of the people gathered at Quarks. "Further more we have Quark, owner of this bar, his brother Grand Nagus Rom and his son Nog, a lieutenant-commander in Starfleet. This other person, this other Ferengi here is Bok, former DaiMon of the Ferengi alliance." Bok shot him a dirty look and said: "Hew-mon, I have your kind to thank for that." O'Brien ignored him and proceeded with his introductions. "Seated next to Bok are ambassador Worf of the house of Martok, Doctor Julian Bashir, former admirals Norah Satie, Edward Jellico, Erik Pressman and Leyton." La Forge sneered: "And what fine admirals they were…" Edward Jellico wanted to comment but thought the better of it when he saw Worf glare at him. "And finally," concluded O'Brien, "Thomas Riker, lieutenants Tom Paris, B'Ellana Torres and Harry Kim, captain Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine."

Geordi La Forge greeted everyone with a nod and said: "The Federation is almost doomed. We are in desperate times and desperate times require desperate measures." He looked sharply at those attending that had been in prison before shortly. Recently our entire galaxy has come under attack by an empire located in a far away galaxy. Several worlds have been destroyed and several fleets have been wiped out. Our only luck is that the flow of these enemy ships seems to be hampered by the notoriously unstable wormhole that connects our part of the space-time continuum with theirs. We have only been able to gain some information about the ones who are attacking our galaxy. The commander of the attacking force seems to be a man called Lord Vader…"

While La Forge was addressing the people gathered there, Rom whispered to his brother: "Brother, do you think this Jellico is in love with Satie?" Quark looked at him as if he thought his brother was a moron and answered: "How should I know you idiot brother. I can see that even being Grand Nagus hasn't improved your brain. And why do you think that in the first place?" Rom looked shyly to the floor and whispered: "Because of that heavy breathing noise. Don't you hear it brother?" Quark concentrated and indeed… His sensitive ears started to pick up what Rom already had heard. It was some kind of heavy breathing. Mechanical in nature it seemed. And the sound grew louder and louder. Suddenly everyone heard it. La Forge stopped speaking and saw a tall dark figure approach.
Worf jumped up and ran towards the newcomer. The tall dark figure lifted a hand and Worf floated through the air as if some giant force had picked him up.

Geordi smiled and said: "Hello there! Is that any way to treat an old friend of yours?"
The tall dark figure let out a girly laughter and started to split in two parts. One part was Odo, former security chief of the space station, and the other was General Kira Nerys. With a smile she said: "Hello Worf, good to see you." Worf landed gently on the ground and smiled back: "It is good to see you too General." He grunted and asked: "How did you do that?" Kira, still smiling said: "Something to counter that Force thing Lord Vader seems to have. Ezri Dax remembered that the original Federation Starship Enterprise visited a world called Platonius. A chemical deposit was found there called kironide. It can give anyone very strong telekinetic powers. There's one drawback though. It can be very addictive. It can make you very power hungry. We'll have to be careful with it." Jellico took a deep breath and remarked: "Well, yes, but we need it. We need everything we can use against this … empire." Kira Nerys nodded and said, "Yes mister Jellico, I fear we will have to. The problems we are facing now are greater than the Dominion ever posed. Don't worry people. I have the kironide induced telekinetic powers completely under control. Doctor Bashir and counselor Dax will see to that. And as for this Lord Vader disguise… It might be useful to, whenever possible, confuse the hell out of the enemy. Plus it might one day get us close enough to take out the real deal. The elimination of Vader might destroy or at least hamper their resolve."

Kira sighed deeply and said: "I'm afraid that this old space station could be our last best hope for survival. The only command post we've got since Earth and the first fleet of the Federation were destroyed, including the USS Enterprise NCC 1701E, one the best ships in the fleet. They were only able to take out 13 capital ships plus their support vessels. Several fleets have gone into hiding after that as to the last orders they received from the dying Federation council. We have had very bad luck people. But it's good to know that an old friend is watching over us." Odo looked surprised: "What do you mean Nerys?"
Kira smiled and said: "The Prophets are with us. Last night I had a vision. Benjamin Sisko came to me and he told me a fleet of 5,000 Imperial Star Destroyers and their support ships had come out of that new unstable wormhole, then in the Gamma Quadrant, and that he had manipulated the commander of that fleet to proceed to the Alpha Quadrant, making use of the Bajoran wormhole. Because it's even faster than their own already impressive hyper drives, and because it would surprise us completely. Well, that fleet went the same way as that Dominion invasion fleet several years ago." "Where?" wanted Satie to know. Bashir smirked and said: "Nowhere madam! Nowhere!" To Kira he said cheerfully: "So, that's the solution?" Kira shook her head and said: "Sorry Julian, we still have to worry about the 20,000 Imperial Star Destroyers and their support ships that have ended up in the far reaches of the Delta Quadrant. Advance scouts of that force have done so much damage in our quadrant. No doctor, we are not out of the woods yet. Far from it."

After Kira had said that Julian bent over to Odo and whispered: "Why are you still touching Kira's uniform like that?" Odo smiled sheepishly and answered: "I AM her uniform." Bashir blushed and decided not to pursue the matter since it was obviously a private one. The general herself was grateful for that. Ever since Odo had returned to her they had been attempting to produce offspring.
When she spoke to her audience again she said: "I think you all know why you specifically have been invited here. Worf, we'll definitely need the aid of the Klingon Empire in this matter. What is left of the Federation fleet certainly can't cope with this crises alone, and the same goes for you too Odo. The Dominion has every reason to believe it will not be spared either considering the fleet that appeared in the Gamma Quadrant. But the relatively small number of ships, several thousands in all, that we can muster, can never alone save the day. We'll need some tools to use against that new Empire. That's why you are here. Erik Pressman, I do believe associates of yours managed to smuggle the Pegasus phase cloak of the Enterprise D before it could be destroyed. As a matter of fact you even made sure none of the command crew of that starship knew about that smuggle." Pressman looked ill at ease under Geordi's stare. Thomas Riker was perplexed. "What? But…? That device was extremely important to the Federation. I joined with Pressman when the crew refused to obey him." Pressman turned to him and said: "Thomas, I like you better than Will Riker." He turned to O'Brien and asked: "Speaking of cloaks, what's the status of the Romulans?" Kira answered for O'Brien could speak. "What Romulans? After their attack on Earth's solar system the enemy engaged the Romulan Empire. They put up a good fight but lost in the end. The only lucky thing is that the attack force the invading Empire send was destroyed in the process. After the destruction of Romulus and Remus the remaining Romulans lolled the attackers into the belief that they had a secret base very close to the central star of the Romulan system. Once inside a certain area at a distance of less than 500,000 kilometers from the surface of the star, Romulan war birds deployed a series of cloaked self-replicating mines. Rom's design. They stole it while they were allies during the war with the Dominion. After that they used their own ships to fill in any possible holes, and launched several trilithium sun-killer bombs. The invading force, 87 capital ships in all, was too late to react and was destroyed by the supernova that destroyed what was left of the central star system of the Romulan Star Empire. Is that a good enough answer for you Pressman?" The former admiral paled and said nothing.

General Kira resumed her briefing. "The phasing cloak will not just make our ships undetectable, but also practically invulnerable. Energy bolts, matter, nothing will be able to hurt them. They will just pass through. But we need more. We also need offensive weapons, and here Bok comes in." Bok stood up and shouted: "DaiMon Bok!" After he calmed down he said: "You need me desperately and that pleases me immensely. That new empire robbed me of my revenge. They killed Picard and he didn't even suffer enough. I should have been the one to do the deed!" O'Brien sneered: "And what could some creep like you possibly have to offer?" Bok looked at him and said with sarcasm: "You feeble minded hew-mon… Have you forgotten the connections I have? I have been able to gather devices I have used in the past. A thought maker and an interdimensional transporter. They will proof most useful."

O'Brien nodded and said: "With the one, one can alter a persons thoughts. It might be useful in letting others think we have that part of the Force also down. And the other… Captain Janeway, I believe you might have some thoughts on that one."
Janeway smiled bitterly and said: "Yes, not the technology itself, but the creative use of transporters is something we have learned in the Delta Quadrant. On several occasions we engaged the Borg and we used our transporters to bring bombs to them. The interdimensional transporter works over greater distances and will cheerfully ignore barriers such as shields. It is my believe that ordinary transporters can be modified to perform that task. There's one drawback: Transporting humans is not advised. Medical research has shown that prolonged use of interdimensional transporter is hazardous to ones health." Tom Paris said cheerfully: "Not that, that's a problem. We will be using the changed transporters as guns. And replicators as bomb makers. Replicator creates bomb and it's immediately transported inside the target. Saves space."
Seven of Nine added: "And with the use of technology Voyager acquired in the Delta Quadrant, we can outfit our ships with Borg Transwarp drive and even Slipstream drive. This will make our ships at least as fast as the ships of the invading force. We have made great strides in perfecting compatibility with our own technology. I believe we might be able to improve on meta-phasic shielding and self-replicating hull-armor as well."
B'Ellana Torres raised her hand and said: "If all else fails I will make sure the invading force regrets it for all eternity. I've combined all technologies available and I've constructed the ultimate doomsday device. I call it 'The Galaxy Killer'. It's a fully automated probe that can do a lot of damage. First it seeks out a star, any star. Then while in orbit it slingshots itself some time into to the past. There it starts replicating itself using the star's energy. When it has created at least one hundred more versions of itself, it's children use slipstream drive to get away and seek out other stars. The parent probe flies into the star it orbited the moment it reaches our present time and detonates an experimental artificial trilithium device in the center of the star, turning that star into a supernova. The 'children' of the parent probe will reach other stars and do exactly the same, over and over again. Phasing cloaks will make sure they will not be detected. Within a very short time that entire galaxy will be swarming with my probes, and it will be dying." Several people swallowed hard.

Captain La Forge grinned and said: "Now we have the tools, or at least the 'blueprints'. The next thing we need to do is modify every ship that we can lay our hands on. That not only means the rest of Starfleet, but every ship in the Federation and the Klingon Empire. And the Dominion too. The former admirals will be in charge of the various fleets. We will contact other people as well, like the Cardassians, the Breen and the Tholians. Everyone that can and will fight this intruder of our galaxy! We will also need industrial facilities such as large industrial replicators and a distribution network. There the Ferengi come in."
Rom lifted his head and said quickly: "Err, of course captain La Forge. For the right price of course. We are still Ferengi. We want a galactic free trade zone. I promise you won't regret it."
La Forge eyed Rom suspiciously, but Kira smiled warmly and said: "You can trust Rom. He is an unusual Ferengi. Unlike that no-good brother of his…" Quark looked as if stricken by lightning and exclaimed: "What have I done now?" Odo grinned and said: "You are always up to something Quark. Too bad I'm no longer a constable here, but while I'm here for the duration of the crises, I promise I will keep an eye on you." Quark grumbled. "Just my luck." After that he said softly: "I missed you too Odo."

Somewhere at the edge of the Delta Quadrant.
Vader was angry and whispered: "I miss the Death Star. Where is it captain? Speak!" The captain swallowed and said: "Lord Vader! The unstable wormhole took it near a world in the Alpha Quadrant. Grand Moff Tarkin decided he wanted to test the super laser again, so he approached that world." Vader nodded and said: "And now that world is meteor dust. Very well. But where is the Death Star now?" The captain's face turned pale and said: "That's not exactly how it went my Lord. The Death Star did indeed disappear. We managed to bring one of our fastest ships to that world to investigate. The world, known to the Federation as Holberg 917G, or Flint's world, seems to be controlled by flying droids that attack anyone that lands on the surface. It was as if they wanted to protect its secrets. A patrol of storm troopers managed to break into a complex and saw… a scale model of the Death Star. Or at least they thought it was. One of the storm troopers accidentally knocked it of its base and it fell on the floor. It shattered my Lord. Only, it wasn't a scale model. Somehow strange technology had miniaturized the Death Star, and the battle station is now lost forever! Shortly after that the ship we had sent met the same faith. It only was able to launch a message droid. That's the only way we know about this my Lord."
Lord Vader took the news calmly and made sure that while he force-choked the bearer of the bad news the man didn't suffer too much. Was he getting too merciful? The now dead captain had also given him a report on the war against the Borg in this Delta Quadrant. The Borg were gone now too. It had cost him half his forces. But looking at the bright side, Vader still had 10,000 Imperial Star Destroyers at his disposal.

Then he felt a disturbance in The Force. In his mind he saw the image of a multi-colored cloud. The thing entered one of the ships of his fleet, and to Vader's dismay a couple of minutes later the crew of that ship started to act crazy. Mutiny broke out and the infected ship even started to fire upon other ships. It reminded Vader of some of the records his forces had gathered about this galaxy. The creature that was attacking his fleet was a so-called 'hate vampire', the Beta XII-A creature. How ironic. The way to the Dark Force was paved by hate. Vader concentrated on the creature and invited it to him. Several ships of his fleet had been destroyed due to its influence and it had to be stopped.
The hate-vampire appeared before him and tried to influence Vader himself. Vader smiled inwardly. Ironic indeed. Through the power of his will Vader added the energy of the creature to his own. Arguably he was now the most powerful Force user in the universe. Not even the Emperor would be able to stand against him. He had reached the ultimate level of power of The Force. Power coursed through his body and several bridge officers died spontaneously by the arcs of electricity he gave of. This was his ultimate moment!
He addressed the surviving bridge officers. "Now that the Borg are gone it is time to really start mapping out this galaxy. After that nothing can stand in our way. Proceed!"
Darth Vader's fleet started to launch a wave of probes designed to map out the Federation's galaxy for the best ways of hyperspace navigation. It might take several months, but after that… After that he would return to his home galaxy the moment that unstable wormhole entrance stopped in the right place. Right this moment, so he had been told, that entrance was located way too close to the super black hole at the center of this galaxy. No one knew where it would end up next. But Vader was confident that one day it would be near his fleet again. As for his current mission here it didn't matter. Hyper drive provided a genuine advantage over most of those that called this galaxy home. He would take this galaxy, and then he would take his own. Palpatine was unworthy. Vader would seek out his remaining family and form a new dynasty. At least if his children were worthy of it.

Six months after the Empire had invaded the galaxy of the Federation; galactic civilization was on the brink of collapse. The Imperial fleet was also in very bad shape. General Kira's plan worked very well and many thousands of ships had been turned into a new style warship. And the Empire could only guess at what was happening. Even Vader's augmented power levels were unable to ascertain the truth. Finally his fleet had been reduced to less than one thousand Imperial Star Destroyers and no support vessels whatsoever. Back-up forces from the Empire couldn't be called in because the wormhole entrance had gotten crazier by the months. It even had swung over to the Andromeda Galaxy a couple of times! Imperial scientists however had predicted that in a couple of days the wormhole entrance might be stable for a couple of weeks. Time enough to get the right equipment from the Empire. Vader guessed correctly they needed an improved sensor device that could locate any hidden vessels. Even those that were hidden by this new cloak his enemy seemed to use. An enemy that was getting bolder by the day. There were even reports that on some occasions Vader himself had been impersonated by one of the several shape shifter races of this accursed galaxy. If he if ever laid his hands on that individual… It was safe to say that no one around Vader wished to walk in those shoes.
Vader shook his head. Why was it hurting like this? Something was clouding his mind. He calmed himself down and started to rely more on the perceptive side of the Force. Yes. His enemy was bold indeed! He was here…
Vader swirled around and saw himself. How had he gotten there? His bridge crew seemed oblivious to what was happening. Apparently his double had somehow clouded their perceptions. It didn't matter. Whatever technology his opponent used, it was no match for the might of the Force!
Calmly Vader activated his light saber and immediately it flew out of his hand right through a nearby wall. Now the bridge crew started to notice and made sure they got out of the way. One Vader could be deadly. Two of them would be disastrous.
Kira Nerys decided her disguise was no longer needed and she stepped out of Odo. The thought maker was kept in Odo's head.
Vader stretched out his hands and fired an extremely powerful energy bold. Kira barely managed to deflect it with her new telekinetic force. This guy is way too strong for me she thought. I need more power. With a single thought she reached out to at least two-dozen hypo-sprays in her suit, and a moment later they flew through the air. They turned and simultaneously injected their content in her slender body. Odo shouted: "Nerys no! The dose is too high. Even one full hypo could…" Telekinetically she silenced her friend for good. Seeing Odo die made her really loose control over her powers. She turned to Vader who was busy recharging for a next assault and shouted: "Die already!" Her power lashed out and Vader exploded in a fountain of blood, flesh, bone, metal and shrouds of black cloak. The bridge crew had already evacuated at the time.

The moment Vader exploded thousands of cloaked Federation alliance ships activated their interdimensional transporters. Within seconds the last remnants of Vader's fleet were wiped out, right along with one General Kira Nerys.
On board the USS Voyager Captain Kathryn Janeway looked on in horror. She had come back to the Delta Quadrant only see a mass slaughter and the death of a very brave woman. She closed her eyes and suddenly felt her ship shudder under the impact of an enormous force.
In front of the Federation fleet a gigantic swirling cloud appeared. It was the Beta XII-A creature. Bigger and more powerful than ever before. It had Vader in itself and what was worse, Vader controlled it…
Vader reached out to the unstable wormhole entrance and ordered it to him. And it came. A fresh and mighty fleet was waiting on the other side. A fleet most likely capable of detecting the ships of the Federation. Vader noticed the Pah-Wraiths inside the wormhole and forcefully absorbed them inside himself.
B'Ellana Torres screamed as she saw how her experimental weapons armed themselves automatically and left Voyager. Just before they cloaked she noticed that some of them traveled through the wormhole, and that some of them were heading towards stars in her own galaxy. This was the end of everything. She activated her comm-badge and whispered with a broken voice: "Torres to Tom Paris. I love you Tom. I'm so sorry…" Tom and the rest of the Voyager bridge-crew heard her voice and looked at each other. This was indeed Armageddon.

The galaxy-killers performed as promised. They traveled to their targets and did their deadly work. In both galaxies.
The creature that was once Vader reveled in all that fear and hate that traveled all over this galaxy. In fact, the feeling was so powerful Vader's mortal selve died of an overdose.
And so did two galaxies.

Inside the Bajoran wormhole, the Celestial Temple, safe from the explosions Benjamin Sisko cried softly. All that he had worked for… Gone!
And there was nothing he could do about it. Sure, that other wormhole might have been stopped from existing, but he could never reach it without destroying himself. That other wormhole was also a tunnel through time and chock full of chroniton particles. Deadly to Prophets.
In anger he wondered were all those other beings had been, the Organians, the Q, the Travelers. The travelers… That was the answer. There was a young man from Earth, once a Starfleet officer, who became one of them. But how to contact him?
Before Sisko appeared a man out of nowhere. And that man was grinning from ear to ear. "Q!" shouted Sisko.
"Benjamin!" Q exclaimed. "How nice to see you again. Oh, what mess you humans have made of this all. But I really can't blame you now can I. You're really not quite human anymore. No longer really one of them." Sisko grabbed Q by his shoulders and begged: "Tell me this is all an illusion, tell me you can fix this!" Q merely smiled and said: "I'm afraid I can't do much about anything in this matter. My hands are bound. Your former people brought this on themselves. Not even the travelers are allowed to intervene and the Organians…"
Q looked as if he had stepped in something some dog had left. "The Organians left your galaxy shortly after they brokered that peace treaty between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. A boring lot really. They can't be contacted anymore. No Benjamin I'm afraid it's all a done deal. Face it like a true god Benjamin, and get over it! The only thing I can do is making sure these galaxy-killer probes of your people do not reach other galaxies. That's work enough!"
Behind Q two more people appeared. They were Wesley Crusher and his mentor, The Traveler. "I'm afraid Q is right about this prophet Sisko" the Traveler said softly. "We are not to intervene." Sisko couldn't believe his ears. "What?!? You have the ability to undo all of this and you just don't do anything about it? Two galaxies have died!" The Traveler smiled sadly and said: "It's like that prime-directive of yours Benjamin. It is forbidden." Wesley looked in absolute terror: "Again rules! Always those damned rules. I left Starfleet because I was sick of all those rules and regulations. And after that you wouldn't let me help out my friends in that situation with the Cardassians. Enough is enough! I'm through with you Traveler." Before the Traveler was able to calm the young man down, Wesley addressed Sisko. "Sir, I believe together we will be able to change things a bit. You can manipulate time and I will manipulate space. I think I can shield you from the chroniton particles sir."
Benjamin Sisko smiled and said: "Please call me Benjamin." Towards the others present he grunted: "Leave now gentlemen. Your presence is unwanted here."
A bit shy Wesley asked: "Err, Benjamin, what do the other prophets think of all of this?" Sisko smiled again and said: "They are with me, for they are of Bajor, as am I. This will not be a normal change of the timeline Wesley. This will be a correction of the timeline. We'll put right what has gone wrong. You see, that other wormhole should never have been here in the first place. The true architects of that wormhole are the Pah-Wraiths, the enemies of the Prophets." Wesley was in awe. He realized again the lessons he had learned of the relationship between space, time and thought. Benjamin Sisko saw that Wesley had understood. They both concentrated to travel to the place where all those things were ONE.
Once there they closed their eyes and thought of how the universe should be.

At a distance Q and The Traveler looked on and smiled at each other. Q said: "They took a lot of work out of our hands old friend." The Traveler merely smiled and nodded in agreement. Two human beings had not only acquired powers of the next cosmic level, but were able to use it wisely as well.

Reality changed back to what it was supposed to be.

For the very first time the Death Star activated her super laser and destroyed the test target.
And nothing else happened.

Soon events would be set in motion that one day would topple the Empire.
The galaxy of the Federation was safe.
Everything was normal.

Well, that is…
There was this weird wormhole with two very unstable ends that was cavorting through time and space going nowhere in particular. Inside the demonic remnant of the merged being of Vader, the Beta XII-A creature, Pah-Wraiths and a billion times a billion doomed souls from an aborted timeline…

The End?

Wouter Valentijn.

November 2001.

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