3. Sympathy for the Devil.*** *** *** *** Tijdlijnen. Timelines.

Stargate SG1 meets Star Trek: The Original Series: Part 4.


When the TARDIS arrived in the year 1999 on the planet P3R-233 the Enterprise landing party and the SGC teams said farewell to The Doctor and Rose and immediately used the Quantum Mirror to travel to the SGC universe. The Doctor was in a hurry because his ship had spotted something in his universe he absolutely had to chase. And it wouldn't be a regular ambulance either... The Enterprise crew might have gone with him and arrive at their own time with his help, but Kirk and his friends wanted to see Jack O'Neill and his people home first.

Seconds after the interdimensional voyage O'Neill pointing at the Mirror ordered: "Bag it."
Aud Hansen, a recent addition to SG-6, stepped forward and asked: "A bag sir? We didn't bring along a bag large enough for the Quantum Mirror. Maybe..." O'Neill frowned: "Err... Hansen is it?" The woman replied: "Yes sir." O'Neill continued: "Secure it. Pick it up. Take it along. Make sure it's no longer here but with us." Airman Hansen bit her lip and remarked: "You could have said so in the first place..." And added: "Sir."
O'Neill rolled his eyes and muttered something about recruitment standards.
Jim Kirk smiled. Somehow that remark made by Hansen reminded him of Spock when he had first met him. Not that she looked anything like Spock. Aud Hansen was a very attractive woman. And somehow the reservations he felt towards Captain Carter didn't apply to this Hansen lady. There was something strange about her... Oh, well, soon they would travel through the Stargate and arrive back at Stargate Command. There they would say their farewells and having come full circle again, jump back towards their own universe and their own time.
"Carter, dial home!" Samantha smiled and activated the Gate by punching in the proper coordinates for the Earth Gate. The familiar fountain of energy erupted and soon afterwards the entrance of the Gate settled in the 'pool pattern'.

A couple of minutes later they arrived in the Gate Room where they were warmly greeted by General Hammond.
The Texan smiled cautiously and asked: "I take it things went well?"
Jack smiled and said: "One of our weirder trips." Pointing at the Enterprise crew members he added: "I think their universe might be even stranger than ours. We even slew vampires after a sudden stop of the TARDIS."
Hammond frowned first and then started to laugh: "Your humor is getting stranger by the years Jack. I expect a full briefing later on. Report to the infirmary"
Jack O'Neill thumped his elbow in Daniel's ribs. "I told you he wouldn't believe us."
Before doctor Jackson could reply the general noticed air man Hansen. Suspiciously he asked: "Who the blazes are you?"
Aud Hansen acted as if she had been caught stealing. "Err, sir, air man Aud Hansen sir!"
Hammond shook his head: "I've never seen you before in..." He hesitated for a moment and continued: "Carry on airman."
Aud smiled charmingly and said: "Yes sir. Thank you sir."

Several hours later Aud Hansen approached Captain Carter. Smiling she said: "That was an interesting experience captain."
Carter smiled back and replied: "Yeah, it was airman. Did you want something? I'm already late for the debriefing." With a grin she added: "And our farewell to the good people of the Enterprise."
Still smiling Aud remarked: "About those Enterprise people, isn't that captain Kirk a charming man." Sam nodded: "Yes, he is. Why do you ask? You know he's going to his home universe again." Aud continued: "I sometimes saw him look at you in a very special way. Aren't you annoyed that he didn't make overtures to follow up on his feelings?" Sam frowned: "Airman, I think you are jumping to conclusions. Besides, Jim Kirk is returning to his home universe and time. I don't think either of us is interested in any kind of romantic relationship." Aud was persistent: "O, but don't you wish..."
Carter's patience had reached its limit. "Enough airman! What do you want me to say? Something like 'I wish captain Kirk and I were lost on some unreachable romantic island somewhere'?" Aud sighed and rolled her eyes: "You are a modern woman with justifiable desires and rights. You shouldn't put a wish like that in the form of a question. If you make a wish, make it sound like a command!" Carter really had enough of the conversation. "Okay, I wish you were on that island with Kirk." Aud smiled the moment she heard the word 'wish' and to Carter's astonishment started to change. Her lovely face turned into a horrible demonic mask and with a terrifying voice Aud said: "Done!" A second later she frowned and asked: "What did you say? You were talking about me? O, crap!" A moment later she vanished.

In the Gate Room Jack O'Neill was talking to captain Kirk when he suddenly found out he was talking to air. The moment he noticed Jim had vanished, O'Neill sounded the alarm.
Seconds later the rest of SG-1 rushed in together with a host of air man.
Spock and McCoy walked in not knowing what to expect and noticed their captain gone.
"Where's Jim?" McCoy asked with grave concern in his voice.
Colonel O'Neill shook his head: "I don't know doctor McCoy. One moment I was talking to him and the next he disappeared. I couldn't see a transporter flash or anything I could identify." Sam Carter sighed: "The same thing happened to air man Hansen, shortly after a very strange conversation I had with her. I somehow get the impression she's behind it all. But don't ask me how." Spock wanted to as her, but thought the better of it.
Suddenly a whirlwind of light swept the Gate Room and out of nowhere a giant demonic figure appeared.

McCoy's eyes widened. "Now I've seen it all; a goat walking on just its hind legs... Do recognize it Spock."
Spock shook his head: "I doubt it's just a goat doctor..."
The 'not-just-a-goat' looked approvingly at Spock. "Indeed. Good to see that one amongst you with a most intelligent appearance is indeed the more intelligent one.
Meanwhile several SGC airman had pointed there weapons on the new arrival.
The creature gave them a look of contempt and said: "I'm D'Hoffryn. Those weapons of yours will have no effect on me."
General Hammond stepped forward, waving a concerned colonel O'Neill aside. "Mister D'Hoffryn, have you anything to do with the disappearance of our airman Hansen and captain Kirk?"
D'Hoffryn laughed out loud. "Your airman? Hardly! She is not one of yours, nor will she ever be. She's been deceiving you. Her true name is Anyanka, the patron demoness of scorned women. Ah, what a marvel she is. The punishments she deals out are stuff of legend. Only this time she was so eager to punish Kirk she made a fatal mistake. She sent herself to a place that can't be reached. Not by you of Stargate Command, not by you of Starfleet, and sadly, not even by myself. No creature I know of is capable of it."

"Than you don't know a lot goatface." The airman of the SGC swerved around when they saw another intruder pop up out of nowhere.
Annoyed colonel O'Neill sighed: "Doesn't anybody use the Stargate anymore?"
Hammond, getting furious, shouted: "And who the blazes are you?"
A handsome young black man smiled disarmingly and said: "I'm William Gunn, and I'm from an alternate future. I'm here to correct the damage done to your timeline by Anyanka's mistake."
D'Hoffryn snorted: "What can a mere mortal human do? What simple tricks do you have up your sleeves?"
Gunn kept smiling and answered: "You'd be scared to death if you knew what I was capable of. My ancestry and my training are more than enough. I have in me the blood of Slayers, Watchers, Witches, Fighters, Champions and Demons!"
D'Hoffryn shook his head: "Nonsense! I will punish you for your insolence!"
William Gunn grinned and asked: "You and what army?" He suddenly stretched out his arms and bright energy beams seemed to burst out of the palms of his hands.
D'Hoffryn was thrown through the Gate Room as if he was just a rag doll.

O'Neill lifted his hand and shouted: "Okay! Enough! Let's not forget whose base this is!"
Pointing a finger at William Gunn he continued: "You! Stop firing, your... err... hands."
Gunn shrugged and said: "I'm not kidding you if I say that my hands are registered as weapons of mass destruction."
Captain Carter approached Gunn with caution: "How? There really is no such thing as magic. We don't believe in that."
Gunn shrugged again: "Most of the time me and my friends don't think about these things, but a professor of mine, who has by the way worked with Zefram Cochrane, has developed a theory. It is one theory that is not really supported by her peers."
Spock cocked an eyebrow: "If I may ask: What theory has she developed?"
Turning to the Enterprise science officer Gunn replied: "Goodwin's theory is that some sixty-five million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, there already was an incredibly advanced species of intelligent reptiles living there. One day there knowledge of genetics became so great they started to improve upon themselves. Even by crossing their own DNA with that of other species, including mammals. These intelligent reptiles however hardly paid attention to the universe around them and by the time they did develop some interest they were to late to stop the disaster. I think you know what I'm talking about."
McCoy nodded. "Yeah, a large comet or asteroid hit the Earth, setting in motion a chain of events that ultimately would lead to another extinction, including the dinosaurs. But what has that got to do with anything?"
Gunn continued: "After a colony ship of this species left for the Delta Quadrant of this galaxy and eventually became a people known as the Voth, a small group of these beings remained behind on a space station. Two factions fought over control of the station and finally it crashed. It was the last structure of these beings that had survived. On the ground the war continued and the species started to evolve in several directions. What these directions had in common however was the development of a technology that would allow them to travel to other dimensions. In these dimensions they also attempted to become absolute rulers. When finally the first human type beings started to evolve the faction that was most in favor of leaving for other dimensions seemed to win. They figured it was now our turn to give existence on Earth a try. Several other factions however had a different opinion on the subject and decided to stay behind to rule and exploit humans. Even to feed on them. Some of them even mixed their blood with that of humans, but most of those are considered pariahs by the ones of so called 'pure blood'. Now, these pure bloods had become so advanced they created several powerful machines hidden behind subspace. These machines are capable of deep and complicated scans of the regular universe. They were able to notice if certain books were being used, or which words were being spoken or any kind of human activity. Directly connected to this input was an output system that was able to influence the regular universe in such a manner that less advanced beings would consider it 'magic'.

Spock nodded. "Of course. Extremely logical. The correct term for these machines postulated by Goodwin would be Deus Ex Machina."
Sam Carter was not convinced: "I'm still having a hard time believing..."

Gunn winked at her and snapped his fingers.
Out of nowhere captain Kirk and Anyanka appeared in the Gate Room.
Gunn smiled: "Good enough? Any technology sufficiently advanced enough would seem like magic."

Anyanka, again in her beautiful human female form, had wrapped her arms and legs around Jim Kirk and was kissing his face feverishly. With enthusiasm Kirk kissed her with passion.
After a minute they noticed they had returned to the Cheyenne mountain complex.
The moment Kirk noticed his friends he shouted: "Spock! Bones! You have finally pulled it off! How long has it been? Three years?"
Passionately he hugged his friends, squeezing the lovely demoness in between them. Anyanka didn't seem to mind.
Spock and McCoy, slightly embarrassed, backed off and looked at each other. Spock remarked: "We were concerned Jim. We got the impression you were in great danger." McCoy grinned wide and said: "But knowing you and your success with women, I know we shouldn't have."
Captain Carter felt a slight pang of jealousy but repressed it quickly. She turned to Gunn and asked: "I can presume that Kirk and Hansen excuse me, Anyanka, were in a dimension that has a different time speed?" Spock nodded approvingly: "A most logical assumption captain Carter."

Jack O'Neill said: "I hate that kind of talk, we..." He was rudely interrupted by D'Hoffryn who had woken up and pushed him out of the way.
"Anyanka! What have you done? You have betrayed me! You will pay for your crimes!" De large demon was besides himself. Before anyone could act he gestured and in a flash of light Anyanka was gone.
James T. Kirk, captain of the Enterprise, started towards D'Hoffryn. His face betrayed his great anger. William Gunn held him back saying: "There's nothing you can do captain. Bringing you and her back was correcting damage done by a mistake she made. D'Hoffryn punishing her is an internal matter within their clan."
Kirk shrugged him off and shouted: "D'Hoffryn, you bastard! What have you done to her?"
D'Hoffryn smiled sardonically and said: "I have sent her home to our home universe and slightly back in time. Her memories of her time with you have been erased of course and she will resume her tasks as a Vengeance Demon."
Clapping his hands the demon continued: "Now, I have enough of this all. I will return to my home dimension as well and..." Kirk had enough of him and knocked him to the ground with one punch.
Confronted with not only a very angry Starship captain, but also a magical champion from the future D'Hoffryn decided it was wise to leave immediately. And he did so in a flash of light.
William Gunn smiled and disappeared also.

With concern McCoy asked: "Jim, are you okay?"
James Kirk shook his head. "No Bones, but I will be. Let's get the hell out of here."
To General Hammond he said: "General, I'm sorry for all this trouble. We'll leave here as soon as possible."
Hammond nodded. "I understand captain. Colonel O'Neill, I assume you and SG-1 wish to escort the Enterprise landing party back to that planet of the Guardian of Forever?"
Colonel O'Neill smiled. "Yes General."
He waved his right arm and said: "SG-1, front and centre. Let's find the place on the ramp where the gateway to the Guardian of Forever should be."

A minute later the Enterprise landing party and SG-1 stood on the surface of the planet were it all had started.
Kirk flipped open his communicator and tried to contact his ship. Hopefully their mission had succeeded.
"Kirk to Enterprise."
A moment later they heard Uhura's lovely voice responding: "Enterprise here captain."
Kirk let out a sigh of relief. "Stand by Enterprise." He closed the communicator and grinned towards the members of SG-1. "You have shown us yours, now let us show you ours. What about a tour of our ship?"
Spock with a concerned look on his face: "Captain..."
Kirk waved of the coming objections: "No Spock, the Prime Directive doesn't apply here. They are from another universe, another timeline. Besides, they are fully aware of space travel and aliens. And I think they deserve the same courtesy they have given us."
Colonel O'Neill thought for a couple of moments and said: "Thank you captain Kirk. I think this Guardian of yours will keep. I'm very curious about your vessel. And I'm sure the rest of SG-1 feels the same way."
Kirk made a half smile and activated his communicator again: "Kirk to Enterprise. We have guests. Seven to beam up."
He gestured his friends and SG-1 to step closer and pulled Samantha Carter near him. They were after all going to share a transporter pad.
Then he gave the command: "Energize."

5. Between a rock and a hard place.*** *** *** *** Tijdlijnen. Timelines.