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Stargate SG1 meets Star Trek: The Original Series: Part 1.

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Based on a post created by Nightspirit (October 15, 2004). It is kind of rough. And of course these universes aren't exactly the universes we know from these shows.

Scene Kirk, Spock, McCoy are standing in front of the Guardian of Forever.

Suddenly it activates and Daniel, Sam, and Jack step out of it.

Sam and Daniel look at Jack,

Sam: Jack what did you do this time?

Finish the dialog from there.


Sam continued: "And where's Teal'c? He was right behind us!"

A second later the Jaffa stepped out of the Guardian.

Almost without emotion he said: "Strange... I seem to have experienced some sort of delay."

Jim Kirk stepped forward and said: "I'm James T. Kirk, captain of the Federation Starship USS Enterprise. Who are you?"

Sam Carter asked: "USS? The US Navy is now involved in the Stargate project? And what Federation are you talking about? The Enterprise? Starship? What..." She stopped talking the moment she noticed Spock's ears.

Jack looked suspiciously at the Enterprise trio and said: "I'm Colonel Jack O'Neill of the SGC. And would you please explain what this place is? Where's the local Gate and please don't tell me that that thing there behind us belongs to the Stargate system."

Jim stepped forward and said: "That 'thing' is the Guardian of Forever. A portal through time and space. What is a Stargate?"

Daniel, while staring at Spock's ears stammered: "Err, err, the Stargate does that too. Although, err, it is not always a time machine. Sort of... Who are you? How come your ears are like that?"

Spock's right eyebrow arched and answered: "I'm Spock, of the planet Vulcan."

Spock turned to Kirk and said: "Captain, the uniforms they are wearing seems to indicate they are from the late twentieth century. From Earth."

Jack: "We are... Do you mean to tell me that this is not the twentieth century? So, exactly when are we?"

Jim: "Welcome to the twenty-third century colonel."

McCoy, who had been scanning the SG-1 team exclaimed: "Jim! This man over here has some sort of symbiont inside of him! But it's not Trill or any other symbiont species we know of!"

Teal'c nodded and explained: "It is an infant goa'uld. What is a Trill? Does it seek to dominate your worlds?"

Kirk shook his head: "No, they do not. I take it yours does?" His hands moved slowly towards his phaser.

Jack raised his weapon and remarked: "Slow down there captain. We're the good guys. Teal'c is on our side fighting the goa'uld. Look, captain, why don't we lay all our cards on the table before something unfortunate happens. So, we seem to have traveled through time and to this world. How did you arrive here?"

Jim Kirk: "By Starship. It uses..."

Spock stopped him: "Jim, the temporal prime directive..."

McCoy remarked: "Spock, these people are clearly in the know about travel through time and space. I fail to see..."

Spock: "Doctor, may I remind you that these 'people' have yet to be identified positively and if they are indeed from the past as they say they are they..."

Kirk intervened: "Gentlemen, gentlemen, a certain amount of knowledge has already been given." To Jack he said: "Colonel O'Neill, in our century we make use of Starships that are outfitted with warp drives."

Sam eyes widened. "Warp? Do you mean folding of time and space! That's wonderful! How do you do that?"

Kirk shook his head and said: "I'm sorry, that information would be too specific. We have certain directives we must follow."

Jack shrugged and said: "I understand captain. You don't want to 'contaminate the timeline'."

When the others of his team looked at him quizzically he explained: "I'm a sci-fi buff."

To Kirk he said: "More important question: What do you know about us?"

Kirk looked at Spock and asked: "Have you ever heard of something called Stargates?"

Spock thought for a moment and said: "Much information has been lost in the 90's of your twentieth century due to the Eugenics Wars. It is possible that during those days..."

Daniel interrupted him: "Whoa... Wait a minute.... Did you say 'Eugenics Wars'? In the late 90's of the twentieth century??? What's that all about?

Jack gulped and muttered: "I don't think we are in Kansas anymore...."

That was the teaser...

After the opening credits.

Act 1

Spock said: "Fascinating... It appears that they are from an alternate timeline. The Eugenics Wars was a very violent one. Whole populations were bombed out of existence."

Kirk continued: "And they not knowing about it. I get your point Spock. Maybe the historical records can shed some light on this." He took out his communicator and said: "Kirk to Enterprise." There was no response.

Without waiting for orders Spock scanned for the ship in orbit.

Spock, almost showing emotion said loudly: "Captain, the Enterprise is no longer in orbit. The timeline has been changed!"

Kirk swallowed hard: "Not again..."

Jack squinted and said worriedly: "That really sounds bad."

Sam and Daniel almost simultaneously nodded and said: "It is."

Kirk asked: "Can you pinpoint what happened and how we can correct it Spock?"

Spock aimed his tricorder at the Guardian: "The moment the colonel and his people entered through the Guardian time shifted. Somehow they being here changed history."

Daniel nodded. "Yes, maybe, but since we're already from alternate timelines how come we effected yours?"

Spock said: "Perhaps they were meant to arrive earlier in our universe. They might have played some key role in our timeline that leads to what was meant to be here. I would need the ships computers to work it out, but since the ship is gone..."

Sam smiled and said: "We have some powerful computers at Stargate Command. Colonel, maybe..."

Jack nodded. "I understand Captain Carter. My gut tells me I can trust you people. Problem is of course, how to get back. We don't have a Stargate. At least not the type we know and love."

Sam said: "Sir, I don't think we entered the Stargate like we normally do."

Jack sarcastically remarked: "You think?"

Sam sighed and continued: "Sir, what I mean is: I think somehow this Guardian thing over here and 'our' Stargate network in our universe accidentally connected. Somehow the dimensions in which they operate might overlap. My point is that we might use the Guardian to get back."

Spock looked at her admiringly: "Captain Carter might be correct Captain. We'll need the proper moment to step through the Guardian to reach where they came from. From there we might gather additional information on how to restore the timeline."

Jack shrugged: "Sounds like a plan to me."

Kirk nodded and said:" To me too Spock. Determine the moment we should leap through the Guardian."

Arching an eyebrow Spock scanned the opening and said, almost surprised: "Now!"

Both teams responded immediately and jumped through the opening.

Seven people landed on the ramp in the gateroom. The Stargate was not activated and the iris was closed. The guards attending were taken totally by surprise by this situation but where trained well enough to respond in the proper manner.

Kirk raised his hands and gestured his crew to do the same.

Jack yelled: "Its okay people, it's just us!"

General Hammond came down from the control room and asked: "What the blazes is going on Colonel? Since when are you able to return here without activating the Stargate?"

Sam explained: "We didn't exactly travel through the Stargate system sir..."

Jack: "Yeah, we kinda hitched our way back. Long story."

Hammond looked at the Starfleet people and asked: "And who are they?"

Jim answered: "I'm Captain Kirk., of the starship Enterprise."

Hammond remarked: "You're not the commanding officer of the carrier. That I know. Did you say Starship?"

Sam: "They are from an alternate future sir."

Hammond: "Something like what happened to Doctor Jackson a while back?"

Daniel: "Yes sir. Only the differences between our universes are a lot greater than the ones I encountered. For instance in their timeline there seems to have been a rather sizable war. Something involving genetics. Something like that."

Hammond: "Next question: Why are they here?"

Jack shrugged: "They seem to have lost their timeline sir. Very sloppy maybe, but I kinda offered to help them find it again."

Hammond asked directly: "You can vouch for them?"

Jack: "Yes sir. I just feel they are on the level. Kindred spirits and all."

Hammond nodded and said: "Okay colonel."

To Kirk: "Captain Kirk, I must ask you to leave your weapons here. You'll be taken to the medical facility here to be examined."

Kirk wanted to protest, but one look at all the airmen pointing their automatic rifles at him made him think twice.

To Spock and McCoy he said: "Gentlemen, it seems that at the moment we have little choice."

To Jack: "Colonel O'Neill I think I can trust you. Gut instinct and all. I will hold you to it."

Jack: "You can captain. You can."

Doctor Janet Fraiser marveled at sight of Spock.

Janet smiled and said: "Mister Spock, you blood seems to be copper based in stead of iron based. That is completely fascinating."

Spock: "I understand your fascination Doctor. The people of your time have had little contact with alien life forms."

Janet smirked and said: "We have had our share of alien encounters Mister Spock. Sadly some of them were not as civil as you. The greatest problem in examining someone such as you is how to interpret the data. We don't know the proper norms for your people."

McCoy laughed out loud: "Hah! A second opinion confirms what I have said for years! In no way one can tell how that Vulcan physiology of his is put together!"

Spock looked bemused:" I have always suspected that Doctor."

Jim smiled and asked: "And Doctor Fraiser, do we get a clean bill of health?"

Janet smiled and said: "Yes Captain, I must commend your ships physician for doing an excellent job."

McCoy: "Finally recognition!"

Seconds later the alarm sounded.

A voice over the comm. system shouted: "Off world gate activation. Unauthorized traveler coming in, repeat, unauthorized traveler coming in. This is not a drill."

Act 2

In the Gateroom the Gate started to shake. The Chevrons started to shift in place and the iris was closed.

Dozens of airmen were ready to open fire at the first sign of trouble.

Then the impossible happened: The iris opened by itself and the energy wave of the opening of the worm hole exploded out of the opening of the Stargate.

The moment the energy settled down into its familiar 'pool' pattern dozens of heavily armed men swarmed out of it guns ablaze.

Several air men managed to get of a shot before they were mowed down.

To his dismay General Hammond noticed that the body armor of the attackers was sufficient to deflect most bullets of the men under his command.

Minutes later the Gateroom was controlled by the attackers.

Then their leader stepped through the gate.

The very charismatic man looked around him and said: "Excellent. You have done well. But then again I expected no less from you." To his second in command he said: "Joachim, bring me the previous commander of our new facility."

The tall man bowed and said with reverence: "Yes my Lord."

Then the leader heard a hysterical voice shout: "KHAAAAAAAN!!!!"

A second later Khan and his people were engulfed by a wave of strange green light and a salvo of several zat guns.

The Enterprise team and SG-1 entered the Gateroom and Jack asked Kirk: "I take it you know this guy?"

Kirk looked down on the unconscious body of his arch nemesis and said: "Yes, the first time I met him he tried to take my ship, the second time I met him he was indirectly responsible for the death of Spock."

Daniel looked at Spock and asked: "Did you use some kind of resurrection device?"

Spock shook his head: "It was the effect of the Genesis wave."

Jack frowned: "During a concert?"

Jim looked quizzically : "Concert?"

Jack shook his head: "Never mind."

Sam corrected him: "That was a Nirvana album Colonel."

Spock, looking down on Khan and Joachim pursed his lips and said: "Jim, this is not the Khan of our time. He is much younger. I estimate he is from 1992."

Jim remarked startled: "The Khan of this universe? But here there were no Eugenics Wars. Everything indicates that in our universe the scientific and technological advances have been much greater. On the other hand as far as we know in our universe there is no Gate system through which several human cultures were transplanted to other worlds. In our universe that was the work of 'The Preservers'."

Daniel, excited, asked: 'The Preservers?' That sounds interesting. I take it they traveled to Earth to take several communities that were on the brink of extinction and transported them into safety?"

Spock's eyebrow arched in surprise: "You are correct Doctor Jackson."

Jack smirked and said: "He's a smart boy our Danny."

He asked Kirk: "This Khan of yours, how did he get here?"

Daniel: "Maybe I have a theory... Maybe in his universe, the Goa'uld never came to power across the galaxy. Maybe Khan discovered the Gate and somehow got himself to P3R-233. You know Jack, the world with the device that one can use to travel to parallel universes. From that place in his universe he came to ours and set up a base there. He must have somehow countered the radiation levels there. The question that remains is: Why this reality?"

Kirk: "Coincidence? Maybe he thought that coming here might somehow increase his grasp on this gate system of yours. Fact remains that he knew a great deal about this place. He knew the codes for that iris and he knew that once he controlled this place he would have a much better base of operations for use of the Stargates."

Spock nodded: "Indeed captain. And by being here in stead of our own universe he did not start the Eugenics Wars, and thus our time line was changed."

McCoy swallowed hard: "Do you realize what you are saying Spock? By not having that horrible war our reality ceased to exist! And if we want our reality back....."

Kirk's face turned to stone: "Again we are confronted with the devil's choice. If we bring back Khan to his own time in our universe and cut him of from the Stargate he will cease power on Earth and rule a quarter of the planet. Countless will loose their lives..."

Spock: "Jim, I understand the dilemma, but we must..."

Jim stopped him by saying: "I know Spock. I know."

To General Hammond he said: "General, to prevent further contamination of this universe and your timeline we must take these men where they came from."

Hammond: "I understand Captain Kirk. The hard decisions also have to be made. I'll assign SG-1 through 6 to escort you back to P3R-233. From there you can take it further."

Kirk nodded: "Thank you General. Once we have delivered Khan to where he belongs we will get back here and..." He looked at Spock.

Spock: "From here we can travel back to the Guardian. This is the place we ended up the moment we stepped through the portal."

Daniel shook his head. "I still wonder how we wound up on that planet with the Guardian. It is as if some outside force delivered us there in order to bring back Kirk and his men to help us take out Khan and to restore their time line. Strange...."

Somewhere, on the borders between the dimensions two powerful beings looked at what happened in the Gateroom.

Trelane: "O, come now Q! That was fun! Admit it!"

Q sighed and said: "You are extremely irresponsible you know. First you let Khan find out about the Gate system, and then you inform him about the universe with the SG command."

Trelane: "You cheated as well! First you made the Enterprise make that detour to the world of the Guardian and then you redirected that worm hole to bring SG-1 to Kirk and his men. Not fair!"

Q sighed again: "I'm just correcting your mistakes in a subtle manner young one. Higher beings such as ourselves have a great responsibility as guardians of the universe."

Q paused for a second (or a century) and said: "A very interesting species though. Your first encounter with Kirk was rather inspiring I must say. Maybe it's time for the Q to put humanity on trial..."

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